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LA LAW: Evictions and Landlord Tenant Issues

Landlords have no shortage of horror stories, and this seminar will discuss some of the most common situations that landlords need to understand how to handle. In addition to providing an overview of the eviction process, Jim will give some pointers to help landlords navigate some of the more difficult issues that can emerge and practical advice for getting what you want from the eviction process. The seminar will also cover the emergence of new issues in landlord tenant/law relating to medical marijuana, and cover often overlooked pitfalls relating to abandoned personal property and security deposits.

Date:  October 13, 2015
Time:  Noon to 1:15
Location:  The Chamber of Commerce, 415 Lisbon Street in Lewiston

Presented by Attorney Jim Pross
of Tarbell & Brodich PA

Jim is a practicing attorney in Auburn, Maine, where he manages the Maine office of Tarbell & Brodich, P.A. on Main Street. His practice focuses on landlord/tenant law representing landlords in over 1200 eviction actions in the last 10 years. Jim earned a B.A. from the University of Charleston, where he majored in political science. He earned his Juris Doctor from the University of New Hampshire School of Law, where he graduated cum laude in 2004. He lives in Auburn with his wife and daughter. Jim is the President of the Board of Directors of the Androscoggin Land Trust and has volunteered there as a Board Member since 2009. He also serves as Interim President of the Maine State Bar Association’s steering committee for its Lawyer Referral Service. Jim has appeared in two films, and is an active runner, hiker, chess player, writer, and musician.