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Landlord/Tenant Law - Maine

Landlord/Tenant Law - Maine

Landlord representation in evictions

The eviction laws are highly technical, and going to court as a landlord representing yourself is risky business.  In the State of Maine, if you are a landlord operating as a corporation or LLC with more than one owner, you can’t represent your business in court, unless you are a lawyer.  Our years of experience representing some of the largest property management firms in eviction cases means our attorneys understand the dynamics of these cases, the pitfalls for landlords, and how to handle difficult tenants.  Whether the issue is non-payment of rent, creating a nuisance in the Premises, or criminal conduct, our lawyers understand what is at stake for landlords, and their business interests, and we have a knack for efficiently getting you what you want from the eviction process. 

Landlord defense in discrimination claims, security deposit retention claims, and other litigation

Our attorneys represent landlords in housing discrimination claims, housing authority hearings, unlawful retention of security deposit claims, and other litigation. We advise landlords regarding situations that raise the potential for costly disability discrimination claims such as medical marijuana issues, therapy pet requests, and other challenges that can be presented by tenants who are under some kind of disability.  Our attorneys have handled some of the most difficult and unique situations landlords can find themselves in, such as handling the personal property of deceased tenants, protecting landlord property from destruction by tenants, and protecting landlords from and going after tenants who deliberately cause damage to the landlord’s property.

Commercial Lease Negotiations and Litigation

Whether it is negotiating specific lease terms, or double checking to make sure that a landlord has dotted her “i’s” and crossed her “t’s,” our attorneys have decades of experience working with commercial lease documents.  We have worked hard for our business clients to ensure that they are operating their property or business under the best terms possible.  When things go wrong, we are there to advise our business clients through the litigation that often follows, including evictions, and debt work out arrangements. We also prepare purchase option agreements and other documents that are often associated with commercial leases.  Whether renting real estate for your business, or leasing your real estate to a business, it is important to have representation before signing any lease documents, and our attorneys are available in New Hampshire and Maine to help you.


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