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Limited Liability Company Formation/Filing

Limited Liability Company Formation/Filing

On the business front, one common way to protect your personal assets is to form a limited liability company or a corporation.  A limited liability company will help shield your personal assets in the event the Limited Liability Company or Corporation becomes liable for a judgment.  The formation requires registration with the State of New Hampshire and the preparation of the entity documents.  Once again, there are not one size fits all documents, instead they are customized to your business and partner needs. We will listen to your concerns and ensure that they are addressed as necessary.

As you can see, there are many areas of practice that involve real estate, ranging from transaction representation, landlord and tenant relationships, collections and foreclosures, to entity formation.  Tarbell & Brodich is ready to meet with you to see what services are needed, recommend a course of action and to represent you with the customized and appropriate representation.

Practice Areas

Agent of Process, Corporate Book Management, Corporate Votes, Financing Statements, Limited Liability Company Formation/Filing, Operating Agreements, Resolutions, Secretary Certificates, Secretary of State Filing, Shareholder Disputes, Sub-C Corporations, Sub-S Corporations, Tradename, Uniform Commercial Code