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Parenting Time (Child Custody)

Parenting Time (Child Custody)

Handling family law matters that involve minor children must always be handled in a delicate manner.  The dissolution of a marriage is hard enough for to the parties but it can be devastating for their minor children.  When parties are in the throws of arguing who gets what, sometimes their children become pawns in the middle of the divorce or legal separation.  It is absolutely important that I do my utmost to stress to my clients that their children are not pieces of property to argue over. 

The lives of these children are going to be turned upside down and instability and insecurity become a constant worry for the children of divorcing parties.  As a parent, my clients have a duty to reassure their children that they will be taken care of and loved by both parents even after the divorce.  There are times when it becomes necessary for a guardian ad litem to be appointed to represent the best interests of the minor children and to make recommendations to the Court as to which parent should be the primary residential parent and to set a parenting schedule for visitation between the non-primary residential parent and the minor children.  We never hesitate to recommend having a guardian ad litem appointed when we suspect that neither parent is putting their minor children at the top of their priority list. 

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