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"Nick is one of the most helpful and supportive people I have ever met in my life. As soon as you step in his conference room, you can feel the good vibes that he sends out to his clients. My first time facing two violation charges, a court date and the stress that comes along with that I felt, “saved” by Nick. He did an astonishing job explaining to me what my charges were, my options, the pros and cons; he used definitions and examples to help me. The court date came and as nervous as I should have been, I wasn’t. Nick made sure that I was ready to go! I was always able to get in touch with him in a timely manner via email, office phone and even spoke with him two hours before the court date. I never once waited and wondered when I was going to get a response back. Both he and I got exactly what we were hoping, both charges dropped. I now have a lifelong lawyer that I would consider a friend! I would ask him to represent me again in a heartbeat, no questions asked. I would also recommend him to the people that I care most about in my life, because I know Nick will do the best possible job that he can to get the results that his clients are looking for. I couldn’t have done it without Nick!!"

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"I would highly recommend Nicholas Brodich for any and all legal services. He is very personable, understandable, attentive to detail and very knowledgable. He represented me in court very professionally and together we explored all of our possible options. With over 20 years of experience, I would recommend him foremost and with the highest regard."

"I wish to thank the law offices of Tarbell & Brodich particularly attorney Nick Brodich for handling my personal legal matters in the most professional manner one could ever expect. I will certainly recommend their firm to anyone seeking legal counsel. I got the result I had hoped to achieve in employing they're services for which I am very grateful. Great job Nick! Thank you."

attorneys at Tarbell & Brodich"There are few experiences as frightening and embarrassing as being arrested for driving while impaired. As events unfold, it will become apparent that everyone understands the system and knows their role in it, that is to say everyone except you, the accused. From the accused’s prospective, the proceedings are bewildering and the options are few. You will no longer be in control and unpleasant decisions will be made for you. You really need a skilled advocate in your corner. Because Nicholas Brodich came highly recommended to me, I retained him, and that turned out to be an excellent decision. I was appreciative that Nick was sympathetic and not judgmental of me. His explanations of the law and consequences were extremely thorough. Moreover, he made no lofty promises, but instead he developed a realistic strategy that proved successful. The results of my case would not have been attainable without Nick’s superb counsel. If you find yourself in trouble with the law, I recommend making the wise decision to call Nick Brodich."

"Everybody makes mistakes. Dealing with our mistakes allows us to look beyond what we did wrong and look ahead to what we can do right. Attorney Brodich’s counsel was the first right choice I made during my impending legal proceedings. I put my best foot forward and walked through the doors of Tarbell and Brodich, Attorneys at Law, to look for a guide out of my complex legal maze. After my first meeting with Attorney Brodich, he had gained my trust and I finally felt some confidence about the path ahead. I knew I was ready to embark on my journey through the legal system. With Attorney Brodich as my Sherpa and guide, my legal mountain felt more like a set of stairs. With each and every step the court systems presented, Nick was able to navigate me closer and closer to putting my mistake behind me. His experience, understanding, availability, and communication made each step along my journey a surefooted one. Nick practices civil and criminal litigation, I recommend him as an outstanding attorney on any difficult path ahead."

attorneys at Tarbell & Brodich"I want to thank you for all the help and support you have given me in this tough time in my life and I truly appreciate your kindness and respect throughout the process."


"Words cannot express my gratitude. I thank you for your diligence, your respect and over all for the person you are. You truly made a difference in my life, realizing not all lawyers lie. You defended my integrity and never expected me to go out of my morals, which is very important to me. My life has been a long hard road but this case was a final chapter in my life, where I could have victory over something and could possibly help someone else when they are “facing giants.” Our perseverance paid off, even when I wanted to give up." 

"Thank you very much for the consultation yesterday.  I appreciate the time and attention you were willing to give to my concerns.  I was able to move forward, confident that I was extricating myself from the situation in the most professional and legal way, while also protecting my rights.  I am also grateful for the takeaways that I wasn’t necessarily seeking."