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Appellate Advocacy

Appellate Advocacy

Winning at the trial court is generally a satisfying experience and result for our clients. But a win at the trial court does not always mean the end of the case. In fact, almost every type of case in New Hampshire is appealable to the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Imagine winning your case only to have the win reversed on appeal. This is where Tarbell & Brodich can help you.

Whether your case involves a bench or jury trial, or a decision from an administrative agency, our attorneys have the experience to handle your appeal and defend you on appeal if the other side appeals. Because the New Hampshire Supreme Court addresses factual and legal issues differently on appeal, and also treats legal issues differently then the trial courts and administrative agencies, it is critical for any party to an appeal to make sure he or she understands the issues on appeal, whether those issues have been preserved, whether the issues have merit for appeal, and whether the issues have a chance of being reversed or upheld by the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

Practice Areas

Administrative Appeals, Discretionary Appeals, Mandatory Appeals