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Our multi-discipline practice includes representing our clients in diverse matters such as: real estate and property; wills, trusts and estate planning; commercial and corporate advisement and litigation; business law and finance; bankruptcy; criminal defense; motor vehicle administrative proceedings; divorce, child custody and child support; landlord-tenant issues; employment law; personal injury; and appeals.

Nick is one of the most helpful and supportive people I have ever met in my life. As soon as you step in his conference room, you can feel the good vibes that he sends out to his clients. My first time facing two violation charges, a court date and the stress that comes along with that I felt, `saved` by Nick. He did an astonishing job explaining to me what my charges were, my options, the pros and cons; he used definitions and examples to help me. The court date came and as nervous as I should have been, I wasn't. Nick made sure that I was ready to go! I was always able to get in touch with him in a timely manner via email, office phone and even spoke with him two hours before the court date. I never once waited and wondered when I was going to get a response back. Both him and I got exactly what we were hoping, both charges dropped. I now have a lifelong lawyer that I would consider a friend! I would ask him to represent me again in a heartbeat, no questions asked. I would also recommend him to the people that I care most about in my life, because I know Nick will do the best possible job that he can to get the results that his clients are looking for. I couldn't have done it without Nick !!

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