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Our multi-discipline practice includes representing our clients in diverse matters such as: real estate and property; wills, trusts and estate planning; commercial and corporate advisement and litigation; business law and finance; bankruptcy; criminal defense; motor vehicle administrative proceedings; divorce, child custody and child support; landlord-tenant issues; employment law; personal injury; and appeals.

Everybody makes mistakes. Dealing with our mistakes allows us to look beyond what we did wrong and look ahead to what we can do right. Attorney Brodich's counsel was the first right choice I made during my impending legal proceedings. I put my best foot forward and walked through the doors of Tarbell and Brodich, Attorneys at Law, to look for a guide out of my complex legal maze. After my first meeting with Attorney Brodich, he had gained my trust and I finally felt some confidence about the path ahead. I knew I was ready to embark on my journey through the legal system. With Attorney Brodich as my Sherpa and guide, my legal mountain felt more like a set of stairs. With each and every step the court systems presented, Nick was able to navigate me closer and closer to putting my mistake behind me. His experience, understanding, availability, and communication made each step along my journey a surefooted one. Nick practices civil and criminal litigation, I recommend him as an outstanding attorney on any difficult path ahead.

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