Civil Litigation

Civil litigation covers virtually everything expect criminal matters. While we work hard to avoid litigation and reach amicable resolutions before matters go to court, settlements do not always occur. In the commercial context, a business realizes that the only real remedy available is a judicial remedy. Whether the issue is for money loaned via a promissory note, a breach of contract, the return and liquidation of collateral, the seeking of an attachment or lien against the defendants’ property and assets –including bank accounts, our attorneys can determinedly represent you and your interests while simultaneously keeping an eye on costs and the possibility of settlement.

Civil litigation also arises outside of the commercial world. Individuals, too, engage in business transactions. Whether buying a car, a house, or a product, dealing with a construction defect, or condominium issue, the law provides an aggrieved party a remedy. Civil litigation is also available to protect your property rights. When considering property rights, most people commonly think of their real property. Yet, property rights also exist in copyright, trademarks and trade secrets. Because property rights are important it is sometimes critical to protect them on an emergency basis. In those instances our attorneys can assist you in obtaining temporary restraining orders and inunctions to stop the harm to your property. As New Hampshire’s population ages as a whole the issues of elderly abuse and elderly financial exploitation have increased. Our attorneys work tirelessly to undo the unjust treatment and fraud against the elderly.

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