With experience spanning many decades, the attorneys at Tarbell & Brodich bring the highest levels of skill and commitment to your legal issue.  At Tarbell & Brodich, you are not just a file.  You will immediately feel and enjoy a connection with your attorney, while knowing that your legal matter is being addressed professionally and resolutely.  We are a unique blend:  Very personal, client-centered representation, yet at the same time ready to zealously, and if need be, aggressively, protect our clients' interests.  When the best efforts at polished persuasion fail, having the litigation skills to take our clients' cases to court is vital.  At Tarbell & Brodich, we are ready to do what it takes for our clients.


Meeting the needs of diverse clientele

Our multi-discipline practice includes representing our clients in diverse matters such as: real estate and property; wills, trusts and estate planning; commercial and corporate advisement and litigation; business law and finance; bankruptcy; criminal defense; motor vehicle administrative proceedings; divorce, child custody and child support; landlord-tenant issues; employment law; personal injury; and appeals.

I would highly recommend Nicholas Brodich for any and all legal services. He is very personable, understandable, attentive to detail and very knowledgable. He represented me in court very professionally and together we explored all of our possible options. With over 20 years of experience, I would recommend him foremost and with the highest regard.

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