Lender Order Form Concord, New Hampshire

Eaton W. Tarbell, III

Born and raised in Concord, New Hampshire, I graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1995 and from Franklin Pierce Law Center (now known as University of New Hampshire School of Law) in 1998.  I am married and have two boys.

I began my legal career doing mostly residential real estate transactions.  Over time, I got involved in more and more commercial real estate transactions.  As client needs changed with the economic climate, my practice areas changed accordingly as my clients sought services for foreclosures.  Given my background in these types of transactions, as well as being involved in foreclosure and collection work, I became involved in real estate litigation.  Such areas generally involve litigation regarding the meaning or application of a mortgage or other document executed at a closing.

I am interested in finding a solution to any given matter.  I am open to and look for different solutions to a variety of matters.  The ability to solve a problem is not limited to litigated matters.  By way of example, a title search may find an issue that needs to be addressed prior to closing.  Having been through countless transactions, I have the ability to resolve most issues that may stall or delay a closing without resorting to litigation.  This allows for clients to move forward efficiently and with the certainty that their matter was handled quickly and correctly.  However, from time to time parties simply cannot agree or are unwilling to find a resolution.  That is when the Courts come into play, and I guide clients through that process when it becomes necessary.

Our firm is responsive, personable and practical.  We take the time to meet our clients, preferably in person, not only to learn about their cases, but to learn what makes that person "tick".  That is to say, we want to know the motivation behind the meeting.  By knowing this, we may be able to suggest better, alternative resolutions.

This is a great group to work with as we truly work together.  Yes, we do enjoy each other's company, but also have keen legal minds.  They say that two minds are better than one.  In our firm, we often "round table" our cases with other attorneys within the firm.  This is an informal process where the attorneys will review their more difficult matters with other attorneys to ensure that all available remedies and resolutions have been considered.  It is truly a team environment.

When I'm not in the office, I can most likely be found at a hockey rink, lacrosse field or at a wrestling meet.  My two sons play hockey and lacrosse, and I have coached both of them in both of those sports.  Since 1994, I have officiated high school wrestling and have been on the executive board for the New Hampshire Wrestling Officials Association.

I enjoy a good project around the house.  For the past six years, I have built a skating rink in the back yard each winter, complete with lighting.  This also keeps the boys active during the New Hampshire winters.

Family road trips are also becoming a cherished pastime.  Recently we made our way to North Carolina, New York, Toronto and Montreal.  These road trips allowed us to complete our tour of the American East Ball Parks, a tour that took about five years to complete.  While we are Red Sox fans, we did have a great time at Camden Yards, where we saw an umpire tackle an on-the-field trespasser.